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Podcast covering different topics in sports, mainly basketball, baseball and football

Episode 71 - Happy Thanksgiving

Technical difficulties caused me to do the show on my laptop mic. I'm thankful that I was able to do a show. I predicated the thanksgiving games. This...
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Episode 69 - The Covid L

In this episode, I discussed some of the NFL games that I watched on TV the previous week. Chet Holmgren and Emoni Bates are a problem. Clemson and No...
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Ian Cantu Interview

This is an interview with Ian Cantu. He's a sports fan and twitch streamer. We talk about several sports topics. We talk Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State Bu...
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Episode 66 - NFC Least greatness

In this episode, I start off by talking about how trash the NFC East is. I recapped the Eagles vs Giants Thursday night game and what that means for t...
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Episode 65 - "LeCakewalk"

I start this epsiode off talking about the Laker's 17th championship, which also happened to be Lebron's 4th. The reaction was mixed. The haters are h...
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Episode 64 - BEAT TEXAS

In this episode, I compared the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football team. I previewed the big OU-Texas game and predicted the score. The Benga...
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