Goat Talk with the Goat Doc

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Dr Cara Sammons-Shepard, DVM is a practicing veterinarian in Maine and New Hampshire, and when on the road, the majority of her patients are goats. She and her husband have owned and operated a commercial farmstead creamery since 2009. In this podcast, Dr Shepard discusses different topics related to goat medicine and husbandry.

Breeding Season Thoughts 2021

Talking a little pause from calcium to talk about the fall breeding season. The leaves are turning in Maine and in a strange turn of events, I finishe...
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Calcium - Overview & Regulation

This is the first of a couple of episodes talking about calcium. For this first episode, I go into the physiology (I think I kept it mostly under cont...
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Tales From the Farm Vol 10

Devin and I recap what all has been going on over the winter and spring at the farm on a rainy truck ride up to my parents' house on the 4th of July. ...
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Buck Keeping

I got a couple of requests to talk about general buck keeping, so here we go! Also go check out Episode 39 for a more reproductive focused buck episod...
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Goat Respiratory Stuff, Part 2

Part 2 of Goat Respiratory Stuff - I talk about non-infectious causes of respiratory issues in goats. Discussion includes, inflammatory/allergic issue...
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Goat Respiratory Stuff, Part 1

Talking about coughing goats! Well, more accurately, talking about respiratory disease in goats. This is going to be a two parter. In part 1, we get i...
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