God Made Geek; Geek Made Stuff

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Hosts John Ross and Alex Barnes talk about their favorite nerdy things, including (but not limited to) books, comics, movies, video games, and board games. Then they get all excited while they talk and sometimes make some robot noises.

Ep 072 - Brigsby Bear

John and Alex end the season on what they believe will be a cult hit! Listen to them talk about Brigsby Bear, a 2017 release directed by Dave McCary a...
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Ep 071 - Cosmic Encounters

Alex and John take on Fantasy Flight's new edition of an old classic - Cosmic Encounters! This game designed by Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olo...
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Ep 070 - Spider-Man (PS4)

John and Alex go so mainstream that it almost hurts! But what can you do when a new sponsor comes on the scene? :/ Spider-Man was created by Insomniac...
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Ep 069 - Crazy Rich Asians

John and Alex have a special guest today in Lisa Navarro! The three take on John Chu's smash hit rom-com, based off the book by Kevin Kwan. For sugges...
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Ep 068 - Eighth Grade

John and Alex try their best not to mansplain a movie that is sort of a guy mansplaining what it's like to be a 14 year old girl! For recommendations ...
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Ep 067 - Blankets

Alex and John walk through Craig Thompson's beautiful, heartfelt "Blankets", a graphic novel published by Top Shelf. For recommendations find us @GMGG...
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Ep 066- Evolution.... Again

John and Alex still won't say which Evolution they're talking about but this time it is published by North Star games and created by Dominic Crapuchet...
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Ep 065 - Evolution

John and Alex talk about Evolution. Which Evolution? We refuse to say. Evolution is directed by Ivan Reitman and was released in 2001, featuring David...
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Ep 064 - Tom King's The Vision

Alex and John are back on superhero comics! Get ready for them to dive into The Vision, written by Tom King, illustrated and colored by Gabriel Hernan...
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