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Hello??Welcome to the Goddess Nuggets podcast where you will be graciously served love and a fresh, uplifting, positive perspective on life and everyday life situations! With powerful energy I take real life nuggets of tried and true wisdom demonstrated in the form of empowering quotes from my up and growing Instagram page @GODDESSNUGGETS and I put a voice to these quotes in which allows me to elaborate on specific life situations that we all can relate to in some way, shape or form! Let’s face it we all experience the same concerns in life, let’s grow together!!!

Fitness Motivation 101

Here it goes guys 5 Steps To Being and Becoming Fit and Motivated. Finding the time and motivation to be fit during this Quarantine 2020 has been quit...
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Design Your Mind & Life

In this Episode I touch on the 3 ways to design your mind & perspectives towards your life to accomplish all of your intentions and goals for 2020 and...
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I Am a Master Builder

Hello ?? loves this 1st episode focuses on Take A Ways from a seminar from the masterful Bishop TD Jakes who speaks about how we build and create our ...
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