Going Mental

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A podcast where me and my friends tell mental stories, find things that are mental, and talk about things that makes us mental.

Going Mental Ep8 Still no Haiku

Steven joins me once again to talk about mental illness stigma, resources that can help, anger issues, and Steven still hasn't written us a poem. Podc...
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Going Mental Ep7 The Aftermath

An episode with guests galore! Myself, Steven, Cody, and Sharon my mother join me for a in depth conversation on about what was going on while I was a...
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Going Mental Ep6 The Roomate

Me and my former roommate Cody dive deep into my suicide attempt and have honestly our first real discussion about it since I got out of the hospital....
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Going Mental Ep4 Trust not Faith

This episode is just me this week. I had some questions burning in my mind about religion and the way I feel about some things. So I decided to rant a...
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Going Mental Ep2 Trial and Error

This episode we get into coping skills (good and bad), cutting, suicide and a little back story on mine and Stevens Mental health and helping each oth...
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