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PeteChinMusic & The123 Fridge talk shop on all things pro wrestling, with the occasional sports, Game of Thrones, and pop culture chatter. In other words, these guys call it in the ring. Is it a work or shoot? Listen and find out.

8/28 Duane O'Reade

After a big Summerslam and Takeover XXX weekend, the Good Brothers are here to recap.  They also look forward to preview the Payback PPV which seeming...
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8/20 Good Brothers Underground

The Good Brothers are back to bring you a preview of Summerslam, Takeover XXX, and discuss hot topics like Raw Underground, Retribution, Jim Cornette,...
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6/12 Hello, GBI

This week the Good Brothers break some news to the listeners, recap NXT Takeover In Your House, preview Backlash, and introduce the GBI.
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5/15 Co(liseum) Vid(eo)

The Good Brothers discuss some TV shows they've watched recently and go into some TV characters that were heels in their eyes.  On the wrestling front...
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5/2 A Tale of Two Fridges

This week on the Good Brothers, we catch up with the quarantine adventures of the past couple of weeks, discuss the New Jack & Brawl 4 All episodes of...
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