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We are champions of the common man! We bring the wisdom of Good Old Boys to the masses while having a little fun.

#55 – It's been a minute

Episode Notes It has been a minute since our last episode. Time to get the ball rolling again! Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Google Pl...
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S1E5 - What To Do Now?

What to do now? School canceled, remote working, vacation canceled, everything canceled, and it keeps getting worse. Take moment and take a listen her...
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S1E4 - Todd Carson

#41 - Todd Carson Todd was one of the first guests of The Good Old Boy Podcast. For the past six months ahim and I went on our own journeys in life wh...
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S1E3 - #40 - Beau Brau

#40 - Beau Brau #TEAMBEAU When it comes to your health and fitness there is a lot of information out there. So much so that it can become paralyzing f...
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S1E12 - #39 - Alberto Medellin

Alberto Medellin Alberto is a man who decided he was going to become "better"! His journey started with health and has grown into testing himself thro...
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#38 - Growth in 2020

#38 - Growth in 2020 New Year New You! Really? Same thing again? If you really want to be a new you in 2020 then you don't need resolutions you need t...
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#37 - 90 Days

We are 90 days out from the end of the year. What kind of old boy are you going to be? The one who looks back in 90 days and sees all you have accompl...
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