Good Vibes w/ Robert Alexander

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Using Life Experiences to Vibrate Higher. #CatchThatVibe

ep. 35 - Square Biz

This episode addresses (and identifies) what it is that stands between us and what we Desire.I speak on what it means to be Intentional and I also sha...
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ep. 34 - This is 30

Turning 30 was a MAJOR checkpoint. One of the hardest things in life is recognizing where you need change. Even more challenging is the daily work it ...
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ep. 33 - New Balance pt. 2

This episode is unscripted and jam-packed with Vibes. With no script, I didn't have the constant reminder to slow down so I apologize for talking...
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ep. 32 - Judgey Judgers

Is the conflict of who we are and how we present the answer to why there is so much division? This episode takes a dive into the pros and cons to usin...
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ep. 28 - Strange Fruit

In this episode I recall parts of my past that contributed to habits and "methods" I've formed as an adult. The blessing is that when we can iden...
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