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The Gospel of Grace in Sermon, Art, and Song.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

More violence. Bloodshed. Destruction. Hate. Death... And we wonder aloud: Are you going to put a stop to this, God??! If so, how? And when?! Are You ...
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The Litmus Test of Love

Impure motives of pride, heartless obligation, superiority, longing for admiration, applause, success, wealth, rank, or pity are never sung aloud from...
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Your Wisdom Quotient

Having a strong intellect is a good thing, yet there is an inherent danger in touting our mental powers or relying on human intelligence. A person may...
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Pointing Fingers

We don’t like having a finger pointed at us because it implies we’re guilty! However, we are pretty natural at pointing toward someone else. It seems ...
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Taking Your Vitamins?

When we're jogging along in a healthy trajectory of spiritual growth, we can find ourselves gaining an inordinate confidence in ourselves. We gaze bac...
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Post-Holiday Season Hope

All our time and energy goes into “that one day” and when that day is done, many of us might be happy but a lot of us feel wiped out, burned out, let ...
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The Heart of Christmas

We love all the festive decorations, candles, lights, trees, and ribbons of Christmas around our house. In fact, Christmas music has been ringing and ...
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The Word on Refugees

I can still hear their muffled cries. The sound won't leave my ears. I can still see their mud-stained tears. The sight won't leave my mind. I can alm...
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Persevering Prayer

We here at North Park Baptist Church of Grand Rapids are calling one another to 12 days of focused prayer. If you're part of our church family, I invi...
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Lies We Believe

Satan wants to get in your head and convince you that his lies are true. But don't expect his schemes to be obvious. He is cunning and smart like a sn...
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