Grace For Eternity

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Aggressively receiving grace from our Lord Jesus Christ in Fort Worth Texas!

Freedom is Here

Pastor Brandon shares the love of Jesus is what sets us free. It is for freedom that Christ set us free.
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Covenant of Grace 10/21/18

The Father valued us with His son's sacrifice. With no condemnation, the covenant of grace was ushered in to bring hope to the entire world. For those...
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New Beginning Part 3

How painful is family or someone close betrayal or accusation? Joseph overcame an opportunity to become a victim by believing the dreams God placed in...
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New Beginning Part 2

The breath of grace was given by the Father and Son.  Receive His breath and repeat back His word about you. 
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New Beginning Part 1

Jesus is revealing himself in a tsunami of grace to the area of Fort Worth. Pastor Brandon shares the vision in the grand opening of the new church ho...
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The Mission Part 1

The grace of our Lord Jesus is impacting our city of Fort Worth. Our mission is to share the unspoken manifestation of God. To make the invisible powe...
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Unwavering Faith Part 2

Pastor Brandon encourages the saints to be specific and speak aloud to God when standing in faith. Watch as He supplies above and beyond what you can ...
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Unwavering Faith Part 1

Worried you don't have enough faith? Comparing your faith to others that seem like giants? Be encouraged that the author and finisher of your faith ha...
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