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Four friends talk about Football, Basketball, sports betting, fantasy, and more

Episode 49 - Plandemic

8 weeks of quarantine in NJ. We are going crazy, do you wear a mask all day? Giving you whatever sports updates we can find.
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Episode 46 - Bizarro World

We're in a pandemic folks. This is real, things are getting real. We talk about the infamous coronavirus Covid19 and how it has affect our lives, spor...
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Episode 45 - Outbreak

wtf is going on. The fellas are back covering sports, but Covid-19 is running the world. March Madness is happening with no crowds, NBA is about to ha...
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Episode 44 - Corona Light

The fellas are back after a quick break, with a new addition to the squad! We talk about the NBA rapidly approach the playoffs, who will make? Who is ...
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