Grief AF Podcast

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Two sisters transparently navigating through grief. All Production By: J.Star Music Productions

"Grief AF" Part 2

On this episode we continue the conversation of how grief has been transforming our lives a year later. We revisit the five stages of grief and discus...
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"Grief AF"

Grief AF is back for season 2! We decided to name our first episode of the season "Grief AF" because grief has been trying to kick our butts and the o...
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"Involved AF" Part 2

On this episode we continue the conversation of relationships and dating while grieving. We bring in our first guest, Siantrise Lenay to give her pers...
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"Involved AF"

On this episode of of Grief AF Podcast we tackle the subject of relationships while grieving. We share our personal experiences and how our dating was...
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"Stressful AF"

On the "stressful af" episode of the Grief AF Podcast we are discussing the stress of adjusting to a new life after the loss of a loved one. We don't ...
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"Unhealthy AF"

Being healthy can be a struggle while you're grieving. If you're anything like us, you may be feeling a bit unmotivated to get fit. Emotional eating m...
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Grief AF EP1-Introduction

On the first episode of Grief AF Podcast, we give our listeners a background on how we got to this point. We talk about the loss of our mother and fin...
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