group health insurance oklahoma

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Discover comprehensive "Group Health Insurance Oklahoma" solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses through Insure Oklahoma. Established by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Insure Oklahoma aims to support companies in offering health coverage to their low-wage employees. Eligible businesses, with up to 250 employees, that contribute a minimum of 25 percent towards employee premiums can leverage the diverse options provided by Insure Oklahoma.

Partnering with reputable brokers such as Taylor Benefits Insurance, companies gain access to a range of small business group health insurance plans. These plans ensure that employees’ premium payments remain affordable, and aligned with their gross income and income guidelines set by the program. Oklahoma’s commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability is evident through the integration of Insure Oklahoma into its healthcare framework.

Determine your eligibility for SHOP (Small Business Health Insurance) conveniently through our marketplace, empowering businesses to make informed decisions for their workforce's well-being.