Growing Up '80s

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Canadian Couch-Sitters Darren and Robin talk about all the great movies, video games, comics, music and other stuff from the 80s that they loved as they grew up and that they still enjoy!

TRON the Movie

Join your friends, Robin and Darren as they talk about all the things that they love about Steve Lisberger and Disney's 1982 classic, TRON! If you don...
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Board Games

Board games! Back when we were little kids, "let's play a board game" might be suggested when we claimed to be bored. But, as we grew up, we found a n...
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Growing Up Garfield

That big fat orange cat was a great source of entertainment and influence upon us as young kids at the beginning of the '80s. After a bit of a history...
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Comic Book Collecting

Collecting Comic Books! How we were introduced to comics and realized that we were collectors. We talk about buying the comics that everyone bought, a...
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Things That Fascinated Us

Robin and Darren go on a full ramble about things that fascinated us as kids in the '80s. Naturally we're talking about home computers, but also, Spac...
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Songs from the Big Chair

Tears for Fears awesome Songs from the Big Chair gets the spotlight this episode! Darren and Robin talk about their memories of the album, listen to a...
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Summer Games on the Commodore 64

No Olympic Games for you this summer? No problem! Robin and Darren talk about the classic Epyx title: Summer Games for the Commodore 64 and host a min...
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