Growing Up With A Mullet

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As a child I had a mullet. Even though I cut it years ago it never really left me, you know?

Episode 4 - Work

Me and Pearl just telling a few stories about work. This is a quick one that you can power through on your way to your job.
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Episode 3 - Thomas/ Dying For It

Join me as I discuss my days of being a drunkard. I also interview with Thomas of Dying For It and discuss whatever it is he's into. I also do my Ted ...
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Episode 2 - Garrett - Don't Sleep

I sit down with Garrett of Don't Sleep and we discuss music, who the toughest person in the band is and Pennsylvania Taste maker and financier, Ira He...
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Episode Number One

First Podcast and possibly the last! On this episode I ramble like I'm on drugs. Topics include: Jerry Seinfeld, going to the bathroom in your pants, ...
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