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GUP: NFL Week 6 Recap

Guard Up Pod is back! Eagles fan, Eli Rodriguez & Bills fan Nick Cavalier join CJ as they discuss their team's Week 6 loss and recap the rest of the N...
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GUP: NBA's Best Under 25

Last week, a GM poll was released on which young NBA player they would build their team around going forward. Maalik Murray (Sports Leek Podcast), Aar...
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GUP: NBA All Decade Edition

Happy New Year Guard Up Fam! 2019 was a good year and Im looking forward to whats in store in 2020. Lou Arienello (Since the Sandbox Podcast), Aaron P...
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GUP: X-Mas Day Recap

NBA Christmas 2019 definitely did not disappoint. Host of 'Lou's Log' & 'Since the Sandbox' podcasts Lou Areniello joins me as we recap every matchup ...
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GUP: NBA Christmas Edition

Merry New Year Guard Up Fam! Its been a while! There was no way I could miss discussing the Christmas games. Host of 'Whats the Call Podcast' Aaron Pe...
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GUP: ESPN NBA Top 50 List Recap

Klay Thompson ranked 49? Should Zion Williamson be in the Top 50 already? Is Luka Doncic ranked too high? NBA Analysts Jarrett Bailey, The Basketball ...
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GUP: Top 25 Players in the NBA

Who is the best player in the NBA? The combination of superstars, stars and rising young talent in the league is the best its been in recent memory.  ...
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