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Peeing Slow & 40

On this episode the gang discuss turning 40, peeing slow, Blippi, red bull, olympian Sha-carri Richardson, cancel culture and perform 5 new songs. ema...
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Apple vs Android

On the this episode the gang discuss doctors vs surgeons, body ailments, John Mcafee, Android vs Apple, people who haven't had sex during Covid, femal...
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Episode #20 Area 54

WE ARE BACK! On this episode the gang talks about nick names, Area 51? red bull rage, stocks, the month of February, stories from the past, they also ...
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Episode #16 Jaybake the pizza guy

On this episode the gang gives a call to Jaybake the pizza guy, and talk about the upcoming social credit score, drugs, pizza, trump, people who deser...
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Episode#15 Pinocchio goes to Vegas

On this episode the gang calls a sex shop, and they talk about Jose Canseco, favorite porn searches, butthole sun bathing, homelessness, doing good de...
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