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It turns out when you strip away the religious and institutional covers from the ancient masters like Lao Tzu, Buddha and Jesus, you can see that they figured out how to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled and told us how to do it. The practices they espoused like meditation and prayer are only now being demonstrated by neurologists and neuropsychologists to transform mood and outlook. But just learning to meditate, practicing mindfulness, or learning how to sense and move your energy isn't enough. You need a framework in which to practice these ancient techniques. Unfortunately, if you don't want the layers of institutional confusion and control that come with religion, there is almost nowhere to go. In the tradition of "Dharma talks," this podcast addresses that gap. It breaks these mysterious teachings down into contemporary language so that we can all benefit from the profound insights into the human condition provided to us by the likes of Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu and so many others. And rather than dwelling too much on esoteric texts, we anchor many of the teachings on great quotes from Star Wars, The Last Airbender, Kung Fu Panda, Harry Potter and other classics from our modern mythical toolbox. You can also find Serena Guided Meditations and the Serena Happy Body Podcast as separate shows. Like the all the Serena Podcasts, it's free.

All that the world confers

The great masters of old told us of a world that for most of us seems unimaginable and unattainable. They spoke of a Kingdom of Heaven, a place of unl...
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Karma Explained

A talk to explain Karma. Before you can understand Karma, you need to understand the nature of reality and the nature of the self which is where the v...
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Shadows ? of the Spiritual

Taking our cue from the ancient masters, we assume that the world of form and phenomena is a shadow of spiritual truth. These "shadows" express themse...
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The Supreme Method

Most people use the ordinary tactics to feel good. They use their emotions as their guide and the immediate pleasure feedback from their body as the t...
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? The (Pre)History of the Zodiac

Pythagorean numerology, Babylonian astrology and medieval alchemy are ancient "sciences" that emerged long, long ago. But how did they come about, how...
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? Saturn - Savior or Satan?!

As long ago in Ancient Greece, astrologers such as Ptolomy described Saturn ? as malefic and deadly. "Satan", not Saturn, was its nickname. But this i...
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Jupter ♃: Father Sky

The sixth celestial sphere, the one the Romans called Jove or Jupiter, represents the opening of our sixth chakra or third eye. We discover a sort of ...
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Nightfall on Mars

When a person on the spiritual path reaches the Martian celestial sphere, one of three things will happen. For most of us, the scientific materialists...
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