Have a nice life.

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Jaded by subculture, corrupted by the internet, and always tired, two NYC creatives try to figure out how to have a nice life.

88. Steve Issues

Dan and Erika are back after replenishing their spoons. Steve from Blues Clues, class reductionism, apartment stories, and more are all on the docket....
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85. Norwegian Black Polka

Erika revisits her past. Dan has a lot of thoughts about FBOY ISLAND. For not having a lot to talk about this week, we talk about a lot—call that the ...
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84. The Canva Industrial Complex

Dan finds himself in the foulest of moods. Erika sees a false flag. TALIBAN, Canva and the Sackler family, TALIBAN, TALIBAN, #FreeBritney, forbidden i...
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83. You Sucketh My Melons

Erika is beefing with Blackstone and the art community. Dan hosts an eleven-pizza affair. We're slowly being consumed by the void, but what else is ne...
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82. Mental Health Goth

Dan is done having an opinion on anything. Erika is cruising for a wellness check. The podcast might be taking a turn—you should just listen to be a p...
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81. Unfettered Girlboss Behavior

Erika's doing a Deadlist Catch thing and searching for solace in the arms of a crabman. Dan goes up against the longest-running Italian festival in th...
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79.5 BONUS It's Bad!

A "Lost" Episode. The audio sucks. Erika's internet shits the bed 15 minutes in and we trudge on via cellular. Dan's patience wears thin. Erika is cha...
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80. One Way Mountain

Dan now has the trifecta. Erika finds herself on an adjacent mountain. What do we think of the Punk Goes Crunk compilation? // Listen to our July play...
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