Health and Success - For Our Sons

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How can I help my child handle peer pressure? How can I prepare my child to make the right decisions about dating, sex, alcohol and drugs? As girls and boys become teens, they may act like they don't listen to their parents. But they still need your support to deal with the pressures of growing up. Listen to these stories to learn how you can best guide your children to make healthy and safe decisions. Hosted by actor Tony Plana

She's Pretty Cute

When his son Adrian is starting to get attention from girls at school, Martin tries to figure out how to talk to his son about making responsible deci...
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I'm Not a Kid

Marshall is trying to convince his mother that he's now a man! How can Vera help him understand all of the responsibility and maturity that goes along...
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These Shoes are Embarrasing

Christian is tired of being teased for his sneakers, and asks his father Mario for a new pair that is expensive. Mario tries to help Christian underst...
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The Text Message

When Marshall says that he's "hooking up" with a girl from school, his mother Vera asks him what this really means?
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The Sniff Test

Mauricio comes home from a party looking red-eyed and acting sluggish, and his father Mario wonders whether Mauricio has been smoking marijuana. What ...
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Maybe You Could Talk With Him

Thinking her son Marshall could use a male role model, Vera tries to convince her brother Rene to talk with Marshall about "guy stuff."
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You Want to Tell Me Something

Lamar get busted by his sister after skipping an afterschool program to hang out with his friends. How will his grandmother Sandra react?
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