Health Is Hell

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IT'S AN AUDIO FREAKSHOW! Health Is Hell turns the concept of #selfhelp upside down by asking badly behaved people for their best advice. Comedian Ali Weiss (the self-proclaimed “Princess of Taboo,” as seen on Vice & in Playboy) fuses jokes and journalism to present candid conversations with misfits, rebels, and so-called fuckups about breaking the rules, beating the odds, and what it really means to be “well.” TRUST US - WE'RE [NOT] DOCTORS.

#9 - Your Sorority Confessions

You heard my story, so now it's your turn: SORORITY CONFESSIONS, Part 2. And they’re WAY juicier than mine. First, we have written submissions (3:...
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#6 - Sugar Babies & Dating-For-Pay

What leads people to pay, and accept money, for physical and emotional intimacy? Are Sugar Babies sex workers, or are they just girlfriends of rich me...
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#4 - Death & Grief

TRIGGER WARNING: SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND SUICIDEThe only topic more taboo than money or sex is death, and it's one that nobody wants to talk about, ev...
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#3 - Growing Up Wealthy

Especially in our current climate, few topics trigger as strong (and polarizing) of a reaction as money; and the only thing more triggering than earne...
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#2 - Working for the Wealthy

The Swarovski private chef! Personal assistants to the owner of the Bucks and the Bronfmans! A Polo groom for royals! OH MY! Every wonder about the ha...
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