Health, Wealth and Wellbeing - for iPod/iPhone

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How do you measure happiness? What are the factors that make a person more content in life? Most individuals work towards creating a life for themselves that will increase their own level of wellbeing regardless of their background, upbringing or culture, but what are the different elements in life that contribute to a greater sense of happiness and what happens when some members of society are excluded from them? This six part audio series explores how everything from a person’s environment to social status can directly affect their wellbeing. It also looks at how our understanding of the subject is having a radical effect on social policy outlook. The material in this collection relates to K118 - Perspectives in Health & Social Care

Wellbeing in organisations

How does promoting the wellbeing of employees helps increase business profit? In this episode Emily Williams visits the New Economic Foundation to lea...
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Empowerment after adversity

Life can sometimes be hard, but what determines how we deal with adversity. This episode looks at resiliance and considers the effectivness of the New...
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