Healthy Futures - Especially for Daughters

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How can I help my teen handle the pressures of adolescence? When should I start talking with my child about alcohol, dating and sex, and what should I say? Teens may act like they don't want to hear from their parents, but your guidance is key to helping them face the challenges ahead. The stories of families in Healthy Futures - Especially for Daughters can help you find the ways to talk to your children about difficult topics, stay involved in their lives, and provide the support they need to make healthy decisions. Hosted by actor Angela Bassett

She's 12 Going on 30!

Sharon and Nora are dealing with challenges of raising pre-teens ℗ from how their bodies are changing to how moody and sensitive they are.
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Dear Diary

Helena leaves her diary open by accident, and her mother, Nora, reads it. Helena is hurt and angry! But Nora still wants to find a way to talk about w...
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It's Not Just Girl Talk

Segundo feels pretty uncomfortable about talking to his niece about boys and growing up and looks to his friend Enrico for advice.
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Now Everybody's Going to Know

Christina is excited that her daughter Maria is becoming a woman. But when Maria finds out that her mother told Maria's aunt that she got her period, ...
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Why Can't I Have a Sip

When Sharon finds out that Uncle Harry let her daughter Keisha drink some beer at the family barbeque, Sharon tries to find a way to lay down some rul...
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What Could You Say

When her daughter Maria gets home from a party, Christina discovers that some other kids there were drinking. How can Christina help her daughters dea...
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Who Was That

Felicia overhears her daughter Ana talking on the phone with a boy. Uncomfortable with the situation, Felicia has to figure out how to talk with Anna ...
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They Asked Me to Bring Some

While cleaning up, Sharon finds beer hidden under her daughter Keisha's bed. Sharon tries to keep calm as she talks with Keisha about peer pressure an...
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