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What's Up, What's Up, What Is Up! I'm talking, Love, Relationships, Social Media, Politics, whatever comes to mind. Nothing is off limits. Be Encouraged and hear constructive criticism all at the same time, just know it's all love. "Hear Her Here" whenever you need.

Pray For Your Enemies.

I know it's easier said than done. Praying for those who have hurt you in any form is always a struggle but it's not you battle to fight, vengence isn...
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Staged Kidnapping? WTF!

A young woman by the name of Karol Sanchez staged her own kidnapping to avoid moving away... I don't know about you all but I wanna fight, she deserve...
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Social Media is Pimping!

Some of these guys and girls are working really hard to be the lead woman/man. The things people will do to get "likes", "comments", to get noticed is...
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Todays Music Equals Lost Lives?

R.I.P JUICE WRLD AND TO THE MANY YOUNG LIVES LOST IN 2019 IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. We have to be careful with what we say is "OK" by what we invest in a...
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Haters?!? Get You Some!

Live your best life, people are going to dislike you, disapprove, HATE and that's ok. You continue to do you to the fullest, God is behind all the hap...
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