Heartland Running

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Covering the running community in the Heartland and Beyond. The Midwest of the United States offers some of the best trail and road running on the planet. Join Crystal, Andy, and Chandler as they geek out about all things running related.

EP 71: Everyday Running Legends

This week Heartland Running goes Down Under.  Crystal has the chance to hang out with Brodie Sharpe.  Brodie is the host of an Australian running podc...
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Georgia Death Race Report

On this episode Crystal and Andy talk to David Hale who recounts his experiences at this year’s Georgia Death Race.  He teaches us how to underprepare...
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EP 69: Ask A Sports Nutritionist

Crystal is back with another “Ask the Expert” episode.  This week she talks with sports nutritionist, Meredith Terranova who answers questions from ou...
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EP 67: Triathlon for Runners

Have you ever considered trying a tri?  If so, this episode is for you. We were fortunate enough to pick the brain of athlete and coach, Brett Daniels...
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EP 66: Dynamic Running Therapy

In this episode Crystal talks with William Pullen.  William is a London based psychotherapist who developed a technique called Dynamic Running Therapy...
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EP 65: Brokeman's Running

Our guest for this episode is Katie Cordova.  Katie is the owner and founder of Brokeman’s Running Company.   Her goal is to go against the “big ticke...
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EP 64: Choose Joy

In this episode Andy and Crystal talk to Amy Napoli.  When Amy’s nephew, Danny was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy the family decided to co...
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EP 63: Trail Running 101

In this episode Andy and Crystal get the opportunity to talk to Sarah Lavender Smith and she answers listeners’ questions on trail running.  Sarah is ...
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EP 62: Endure

In this episode Crystal, Andy, and Chandler are joined by journalist and author Alex Hutchinson.  Alex wrote for Runner’s World from 2012 - 2017 and i...
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