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Sisterhood be encouraged to not only love one another but love one another better! Connect and let's grow in God's love as we are Overcomers in Christ Jesus!!

Choose GRACE for Today

We have been called to live a life of freedom and lightness. Are we casting our cares or nursing the cares with doubt, fear, and anxiety. Today God ha...
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Bearing One Another's Burdens

Living in a world of "You should mind your business!", we are reminded to bear one another's burdens in Galations 6:1-10. How are you doing in this ar...
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Do We Really Want The Truth??

We live in a world where we know where to get help and will not get it. God wants us to be free (John 8:32) the only way we can is to be free in HIM. ...
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It's Summertime!!!

The Williams household is starting their summer 2018 and we wish you all a great one as well!!
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Fear Has No Place In The Believer

My Sister's, we have allowed fear to disable us for way to long. We gave it power to be a force in our lives. Some of us have learned to live with fea...
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Friends... Do We Really Have Any?

There is a difference between having a confidants, constituents, and comrades in your life. My special guest, Shawn William's a.k.a. my husband joins ...
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