Hell in a Cel

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Ever wondered why some cartoon characters only have 3 fingers? Well, listen in and find out! Mariya and James watch animated shows and pick them apart, cel by cel. Covering shows from all time periods and genre; tackling everything from the technical aspects of animations to deep conversations about symbolism. If you want to hear about obscure cartoons, or take a trip down memory lane, then join us here every Monday, in Hell.

The Primal Pain of our Pasts

Show: PrimalEpisode: Coven of the Damned (Season 1 Episode 8)James and Mariya start off the episode talking about Marvel and then continue vamping abo...
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A Hopeful Futurama

Show: FuturamaEpisode: Luck of the Fryish(Season 3 Episode 4)James and Mariya spend some time addressing Man-Babies’ outrage against non-sexy women an...
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Korra Says NO to Fascism

Show: The Legend of KorraEpisode: The Revelation (Season 1 Episode 3)James and Mariya watch The Legend of Korra for their 75th episode. This time, the...
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