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Matt, Ethan, Max, and Dix are here to take the Help Action to give you advantage on your role-playing experience. We get together to discuss all things Dungeons and Dragons and answer your questions. We bring to the table a large variety of D&D experience and ideas that makes for a ridiculous good time!

Episode 60 - Lil Suck Buddies

We discuss the trade of taxidermied beasts before sharing our thoughts on Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Then, after sharing some stories we answer quest...
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Episode 59 - Fish Action

We are happy to be joined by our best boy, the infamous Angelo Kaluag! We chat with Angelo about his involvement in the League of Ultimate Questing be...
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Episode 57 - Mirage Arcana

Max introduces a new segment that sparks some interesting conversation. Then we discuss making new monster, uncomfortable situations during games, and...
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Episode 56 - Too Sweet

We are joined by two amazing people on this special guest action. Maclain Bartley is the owner of the queer D&D themed barbershop Too Sweet. Ryan Cast...
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Episode 55 - Sniffing Wood

We discuss the age-old battle of fire vs ice before reviewing items from Paladin Woodworks. Then we chat about item attunements, putting an ogre into ...
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Episode 54 - The Cove of Taints

Matt fills everyone in on an experience at one of Dix's tables and our hosts answer some extra questions! Questions like what dries up a well, what ha...
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