Help Me Find My Voice

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Nick attempts the long and arduous journey to find his comedic voice. James so graciously helps, whether he wants to or not. "...I'm...excited." -James

22. Square Foot Pizza?

Nick joins Jimmy on his trip to Domino's where they take a quick dive into Shakespeare. Upon return to Jimmy's apartment, "The Duo" discuss time and i...
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21. Jenga Resolutions

Happy 2020! Nick and James discuss James' moving situation, the importance of New Year's Resolutions and Jenga. Nick also shares some new stand up mat...
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20. Blenders

It's great to be back, folks! James and Nick discuss "shared" blender material, Brian Hamilton, and Nick's discrepancy with the Starbucks App and thei...
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19. Stray Cats & Weathermen

We're still here, folks! The duo returns to discuss stray cats, a technical upgrade purchase for the pod, inappropriate TSA workers, and Nick's empath...
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18. Flu Shots

Nick & James get flu shots at Walgreens! P.S.A. - Don't be a dumb Anti-Vaxxer. Get your flu shots. We want you to stay healthy so you can keep listeni...
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17. The Proposition

Nick has a new idea for a different podcast. The future of #HMFMV rests on the shoulders of this idea. "The Duo" give it a trial run...
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16. Ken(neth) Arthur

"The Duo" welcome Improvisor and Sports Writer, Kenneth Arthur, as their special guest for yet another hilarious episode of #HMFMV. The guys talk abou...
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14. In The Moment

James is shirtless and Nick attempts to interview an Uber Eats driver. "The duo" then discuss the decriminalization of cell phone use in a movie theat...
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13. We Got Visuals

Nick brings along a cameraman to capture the magic that is #HMFMV. They discuss the Apple Watch, and the term "It's 2018" is put on notice.
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