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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Hephaestus Radio, the only Percy Jackson podcast on the internet very possibly. Join Jose "Joe" Cuevas and Ethan Daniels as they discuss the worlds of Jackson, Grace, Kane and more.

Satyrs Don’t Train Heroes

In this relatively short episode, Joe and Ethan discuss satyrs, empathy links, the legitimacy of comedic sidekicks, graphic novels and why Brandon T J...
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Little Orphan Annie

On this very sad episode, Joe talks about the movie universe, Ethan talks about Daedalus, and both talk about Annabeth, Reyna, and much much more! Tun...
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Enter the Jackson

A forum spanning ten forms of media and two hours, Joe and Ethan discuss the namesake of the Percy Jackson series: Perseus Jackson! Join our hosts for...
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The Boss Man Cometh

Join Joe and Ethan as they delve into the worlds of podcasting, radio broadcasting, and mythology!In this episode, our two hosts introduce the show, a...
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