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Welcome to Herskin and Lashes the Audio Experience. You can expect to hear all things Beauty, Business and Lifestyle. All of these things are Beneficial in the Beauty Industry. Look out for Special guest and Influencers from all over. HerSkin and Lashes is based out of Atlanta,Ga we would love to have you! Follow us on IG and FB @Herskinandlashes for more information. Thanks Again for tuning in! Rachel Collins (Licensed Esthetician)

Self Talk and Affirmation

In this Episode we speak little about Self Talk and Affirmations and why they are so important for us to consistently work on. --- This episode is spo...
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EyeLash Extensions Yay or Nay

In this episode I explain some different things that I love about Eyelash Extensions. And how they can benefit you day to day. --- This episode is spo...
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Self Care Tips

What is Self Care?? In this Episode we touch on what is Self Care and some different ways to incorporate self care into your everyday routine. IG:Hers...
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All things Facial ( Part 1)

In this episode we talk about what is Facial? The different skin types and benefits to a Facial. This topic is endless but surprisingly some people ar...
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Detox Part 2

In this episode we talk about even more detox options. This time food is included. Detox diets like Plant Based, Vegan and Sugar Free. If you like thi...
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Detox Part 1

In this Episode we dive into the Different kinds of Liquid Detox that you can try. The different Benefits that they have on the Body. Gives you an ide...
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A quick welcome to all of my listeners! Thanks for tuning in to my very first podcast.
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