Hey Babe It's Rachel & Michaela

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Bffs chatting about the good + bad + ugly life brings


It's all in the title. In today's episode Rachel and Michaela share laughs while answering some random questions.
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In this week's episode we talk about some serious and not so serious fears that Rachel & Michaela have. 
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Hurt people, hurt people

Join Rachel & Michaela ask they walk you through ways to deal with the "hurt people who hurt people" in your life. 
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Dating & Dating Apps

On this week's episode Rachel & Michaela discuss what dating looks like for each of them. Rachel talks about being asked to be in a dominant + submiss...
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Things we cling to

Whether it's old makeup or mounds of notebooks, we all cling to things that maybe...we shouldn't. Things that take up unnecessary space but hold value...
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Father Figures

In this weeks episode Rachel & Michaela get emotional when speaking about the men in their lives, both past & present. They talk about the hardships t...
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90's Inappropriateness

Ever listen to Shaggy's "It wasn't me" and think about how it was your favorite song as a kid... only to realize years later is was about getting caug...
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