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To celebrate stories of all types. Break up your day and have a listen. Long commute? Have a listen! Have a Story? Submit!

Ep. 29 Belated Thanksgiving

Ep. 29 Belated Thanksgiving Tune in to two submissions that will pull your heartstrings. Submit, listen, subscribe. Happy Storytelling!
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Minisode #5

Minisode #5! Tune in for the lawless storytelling of our minisodes!
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Ep. 28 Karma is a Bitch

Ep. 28 Karma is a Bitch Tune into personal karma stories and some short sweet caramel karmas. Listen, submit, subscribe. Happy storytelling!
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Minisode #4

Minisode 4! Home invasions and very interesting studies! Tune in!
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Ep. 27 Travel Stories

Ep. 27 Travel Stories Tune in to a story that warms your soul...followed with death by embarrassment and ending with a vampire convention! Listen, sub...
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Minisode #3

Minisode #3! Tune in to Brice and I swap stories to get you through the week!
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Ep. 26 Coming Out

Ep. 26 Coming Out Tune into our 2 hour special episode with a new segment called "What's the Dealy Brice Willy?" followed by a very personal submissio...
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Ep. 25 Dating Stories pt. 2

Ep. 25 Dating Stories pt. 2 Tune in to a beautiful love story across the world. Then in VERY different direction, we explore the world of "Mummificati...
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Ep. 24 Coincidences

Ep. 24 Coincidences Listen to the many happenstance situations that are coincidences?...I think yes! Listen, submit, subscribe! Happy Storytelling!
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