Hey, I Watched That!

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Zach, Dan & Colin, from the Fight Forever combat sports comedy podcast, go from spin kicks to Netflix as they crack wise about the rest of their media diets on Hey, I Watched That! Television, movies, streaming media, and more!

Episode 8: Untitled Episode

Another test(?) recording of Frame Imperfect, a movie podcast revisiting every video game movie ever. This week, we discuss TEKKEN, a 2010 adaptation ...
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Episode 2: No Country For Old Men

This week on Hey, I Watched That! we're looking at No Country For Old Men, the Cohen Brothers' award-winning awful haircut simulator. We're joined by ...
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Episode 1: The Last Jedi

So how about that wrestling? Boy, it sure is there, not getting talked about on this special soft-launch debut of Hey, I Watched That! Colin and Zach ...
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