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57: Starfish Are Gross

On this episode we talk about: LG Moved Out! (00:03:50), Shoutout to Keyla’s Family! (00:10:15), What’s Under Dashie’s hat? (00:14:00), Gamerz Only (0...
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56: The Conjuring House For Sale

Happy Spooky Season! On this episode we talk about: RIP Felipe (00:03:20), Dave Chapelle Backlash (00:20:40), Squid Game Number is Real (00:32:49), Th...
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55: Spooky Season is Here

On this episode we talk about: Pumpkin Spice Everything (00:02:45), ScarJo V. Disney Case Settled? (00:06:45), What is Net Worth? (00:18:10), LG Gave ...
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54: Good Soup

We back.. again! On this episode we talk about: LGs Family Trip (00:01:55), Sorry about all the technical difficulties, LGs Trip Into Madness (00:15:4...
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53: LG Doesn’t Know His Geometry

We Get Nostalgic at the End! On this episode we talk about: Living Grand Theft Auto IRL (00:03:30), Who’s Getting Married Next..? (00:13:00), People A...
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52: Renewing An Old Bet.

On this episode we talk about: Miki's Homemade Diet (00:01:08), Free Guy at the Dine-In Theatre (00:05:55), Miki and LG Went Camping (00:13:55), LG W*...
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51: Floccinaucinihilipilification

In this episode we talk about: Felipe’s Whooo! (00:03:48), That Old Usher Song (00:08:35), Venom 2 Trailer/MCU News (00:16:28), Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother...
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50: Miki Missed His Shot

On this episode we are joined by Anette and we talk about: Why is Anette at Target? (00:02:50), LG has a SISTER?/weight loss (00:07:15), The Movie is ...
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