Hiding in the Bathroom

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Welcome to Hiding in the Bathroom! We examine the secret life of leadership, work, and success. From anxiety, work-life balance, figuring out what you want, and building the kind of business you love, we hear from leaders of all stripes. Each week host Morra Aarons-Mele invites her favorite, most interesting friends and colleagues from politics, feminism, business media and psychology on to talk about creating the career and life you want, driving social change, smashing the patriarchy, and what to do when you want to hide in the bathroom. It's like a "nerdy dinner party conversation between two great minds."

Fixing Digital in Politics

What's the best path forward for digital campaigns? Online fundraising, organizing, and campaigning are fundamental to how we run for office now, but ...
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How Do You Fix a Failed System?

Poet and scholar Gloria Anzaldua said "a woman who writes has power, and a woman who has power is feared." My guest Kelly Wickham Hurst says "Once wri...
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No Match for Moms

From the time she was five, Kelsey Wirth traveled with her dad Tim Wirth as he was up for reelection in Congress- every two years in a swing district....
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The Mothers Are Coming

"There is nothing a gun extremist has as much love for as we do for our children." That's the true theory of change behind Moms Demand Action, a 50 st...
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Cindy Gallop Disrupts Aging

Cindy Gallop is a former advertising executive who now runs Make Love Not Porn, a startup rewriting the rules of sex online.  Cindy is 57 and she "sho...
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