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Hijr matlab viyog, mohabbat ka ye ek aisa nagma jisme kai mitke rakh ho gae, to kaio ne itihaas ke panno pe apna naam chod dia is baat se anjaan ki ek din dunia unke dard se kuch kisson se apne kisse milaegi.

Adhura khatt

A short story which will surely touch many hearts of those who knows the art of one sided love or have witnessed true love.
P. S : love doesn't ...
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Moving on means accepting one's feeling and pain and many a times leaving behind some memories.
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Mere dil ka haal

There are no words to express the emptiness ones heart, it can only be read in the eyes of the being.
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Breakups mend people in certain ways that they no konger remain the same version of themselves which they use to be. This piece expresses the pain of ...
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