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A true crime and paranormal show that'll entertain and spook you.

Sliced up and Diced up

Join us as we talk about the disappearance of 10 year old Beverly Potts, the very haunted Cárcel la 21 (Prison 21) in León, Nicaragua, and our daddy i...
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You're My Best Friend

Happy Holiday's everyone! This week we decided to release our friendship episode! Due to lack of time to research and record stories we decided to FIN...
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Oh My God and The Mistletoe Bride

Merry Christmas Eve Eve guys! This week we bring you the INSANE story of Pamela Hupp and the Bramshill House. Buckle up, this one is a wild ride.  Fol...
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Hey y'all! Unfortunately we don't have an episode that comes out Monday this week because Courtney is focusing on her school finals (she's not happy a...
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Flesh Socks and A Flooded Love

Put on your favorite pair of socks and settle in because we're talking Ed Gein and The Lady of Lake Ronkonkoma! It's gross, it's haunted, it's incredi...
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