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Intimate conversations about dating, relationships & mental health.

Travel and Singledom

Nubia... host of Chronicles Abroad, Director of Up in the Air Life and World Traveler has blessed us with her presence on Hollie's Yellow Couch.  She ...
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Love's Journey

Hello Everyone,Let's welcome Icy to the Yellow Couch. She found love after healing from domestic abuse and depression.  Icy's story is so inspiring an...
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Single Fatherhood & Dating

Welcome Brenton Kenyon to Hollie's Yellow Couch. He is the Founder and Owner of Lifestyle Fitness & Behavioral Rehab.  Brenton shares his knowledge of...
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Millennials & Dating

This episode, Asia Blue shared her insight about dating as a millenial and how millennials take there mental health very seriously.  There was a very ...
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Divorce, Depression & Survival

Emecia Bishop, a licensed clinical social worker talks about her experience with depression while going through a divorce.  The African American commu...
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Interracial Dating & PTSD

This episode is about leaving your options open when it comes to dating. Karima is not only in a relationship that she would not have expected, but sh...
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International Dating

This week on Hollie's Yellow Couch we have a guest who is currently residing in Ireland. She has been traveling international for her studies since sh...
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Polyamorous Oh My!

This week's episode on Hollie's Yellow Couch we are discussing Polyamorous Relationships and how it may affect your mental health. We will provide tip...
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