Holmes and Away

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Join Abbey Holmes and Nic O'Riley as they have a light hearted look at the AFL

EP17 GaZ 4 MaDoNnA

Good lord, Georgie hates the Bombers, Daisy is now playing the bartender in Cheers and Gaz is relaxing on the Goldy!
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EP16 Pimple products and Virat

Sportsbet went a bit early with the early pay out on Labor Party, why does Virat have to do poxy pimple commercials and Strasbourg Smith is out for ye...
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EP14 It's HoLmes, not Homes

Pickers is up to his old HoMes tricks again, Abbey talks us through the controversial Luke Hodge interview at the Gabba, Eggboy Of The Week and Sooks ...
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Liam Pickering has a crack at Abbey Holmes name, Eggboy of the week, AFL, AFLW and a new segment called Sooks Of Social Media.
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Brad Oakes

Abbey and Nic talk all things AFL in the lead up to round 1. AFLW in on the agenda and Nic caught up with long time friend and comedia Brad Oakes at t...
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