Horror Night (English)

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Horror Night is the show for those of you who like the darker sides of life, such as horror literature and knowledge of the things that are either weird or creepy – or both!

Horror Night (eng) -21-11-2010

Today world war 3 breakes out. That doesn't stop us from taking about death and lisening to Blackwood and Maupassant and their interpretation of ...
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Horror Night (eng) -31-10-2010

Tonight we talk about Halloween and how we regard that "tradition". As an example of true horror we play The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan...
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Horror Night (eng) -17-10-2010

Today we talked about litterary methods in horror literature and listen to The Ebony frame by E. Nesbit and A ghoul's Accountant by S. Crane.
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Horror Night (eng) -10-10-2010

Today we talk about the undead and have an interview with Jesper Aagaard Petersen about Zombies. We also listens to the short stories Conclave of corp...
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Horror Night (eng) -19-09-2010

Today we go on a train ride while talking about horror literature on trains and boats and listening to The man who was not on the passanger list by Ro...
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Horror Night (eng) -11-04-2010

We had Martin Palmer as a guest, talking about Arthur Machen and the phenomenon the Angels of Mons. We heard the Bowmen by Arthur Machen and The Crawl...
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