Horsepower After Tax

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Focusing on the Automotive and Motorsports industry, based out of Victoria British Columbia. We love cars, and we love talking about them even more. Topics will include car sales, OE and aftermarket parts, performance upgrades, off-roading, drifting, car enthusiasts and collectors, automotive video and photography, local car shows, automotive news, events and so much more. We have guest stars on almost every episode, and we have rules for our guests at HP After Tax. Before any guest can join the show, they must complete a lap on our reasonably priced race car simulator. All the guests times will be displayed on our website leaderboard. The show recording is currently based out of a Performance Automotive shop on Vancouver Island - Paradigm Auto Works. Specializing in Dyno tuning and performance upgrades on all vehicle makes and models. Having fun, learning and building a local automotive community on Vancouver Island is what we are about. If you are into anything automotive, this is the place to be.