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We are three best friends who cant make people laugh but are gonna try. Lets all laugh together!

Ep-2 The Theory of Conspiracies

We uncover the biggest conspiracies out there! Is Babe Ruth Real?!? Ethan doesn't think so. We also have a surprise guest, a Portland Sea Dog's Prospe...
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Ep-1 The Merger

In the first episode of the Bullpen Podcast, we discuss the merger between The Horsin' Around Comedy Podcast and the Nice Guys Radio Podcast and our c...
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Episode 10

In this episode We do a segment where Perkins pulls movies off of his shelf and Ryan rates them. We will also be taking a break due to the coronavirus...
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Episode 9

In this episode we talk about weird news stories from around the country and weird and funny news stories from Florida.
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Episode 8

After a week with no episode, we are finally back in the studio with Ethan Pilon. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff
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Episode 7

We know this episode isn't up to our usual quality, but its all about the content and keeping the continuity. This week, we talk about the Red sox wit...
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Episode 6

In this quick episode, we talk about our Super Bowl predictions and then discuss the Perkins Bowl. We also talk about the convoluted Fast and Furious ...
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Episode 5

Our guest Aaron finally arrives and he tells us fascinating stories from his life. We also discuss our college lives and where we are headed.
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Episode 4

The Drink of the week was Squirt! A Grapefruit soda that tastes just like Sprite. We discuss Weird News Stories such as a Airline sorry for forcing pa...
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