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House of Bob is a pen and paper role playing game podcast featuring a number of different RPG systems and cycling players. We play one-shot adventures, and ongoing campaigns. If you like what you hear, please rate us on iTunes and subscribe for more!

Blackout Chapter 43 [The Sprawl]

"I'm not sure how much Earth news you guys get..."Garret, Tiss and Olivia are cornered by CANAR-E security forces. Meanwhile, Bunk tries to bribe and ...
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Blackout Chapter 42 [The Sprawl]

"Steampunk Bullshit"The team is bumped down to economy and have a rough trip ahead of them as they head for Laika Station, hoping to follow the Axiom'...
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Blackout Chapter 41 [The Sprawl]

"Government-mandated vape break"This meeting could have been an email. Countdown ClocksAlbum Art: by JakeAudio Produc...
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Blackout Chapter 40 [The Sprawl]

"Give me a baby to care about"The group follows suspected Axiom infiltrator Youseff and gains illicit access to the loading docks at the VESL Breech. ...
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Blackout Chapter 39 [The Sprawl]

"Take Your Daughter To Work Day"Forced to think on their feet, the team falls back on good old-fashioned chicanery to make their way deeper inside the...
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Blackout Chapter 38 [The Sprawl]

"The Pasquelcho Life Chose You"The team fast-talks, hacks, and smuggles their way towards the VeSL railgun and the Axiom - but their target seems to b...
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Blackout Chapter 37 [The Sprawl]

"Yeah, We Skaters, Playa"The gang is contacted by previous client Idira with a new mission: to prevent the Axiom from launching a dangerous satellite ...
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Blackout Chapter 36 [The Sprawl]

"Show me how to delete my search history"Wrapping up loose ends and making new friends. A black market sale, a trip to the doc leaves the team looking...
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Blackout Chapter 35 [The Sprawl]

"Catapult is his Christian name"Daring Ned and Max Q face off against Nickel and her minions, with Bunk, Tiss, Garret and Bunk lending a hand.Countdow...
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Blackout Chapter 34 [The Sprawl]

"Head Confetti"You were right about one thing Master, the negotiations were short. Countdown ClockAlbum Art: by...
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