House Rules with Alex Gettlin & Rachel LaForce

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Weekly podcast from standup comedians and newly engaged couple Alex Gettlin & Rachel LaForce


WE MADE OUR WAY BACK BABY! It’s Season Three and we have a baby! Jonah’s in studio with us and makes his verbal debut; we’re not joking. Join us as we...
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S2E25: BABY WATCH 2021

Well, after 10 long months, we’ve made it. Hear about our last week and why you should high-five every pregnant person you see. And in case you’re wor...
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S2E24: Hot Dad Summer

Well, hello July! Our son is due this week and Alex is hoping for a Fourth of July birthday as he’s in full swing for Hot Dad Summer. This week we’re ...
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S2E20: #NewParents

It’s our last episode in studio for awhile #newparents as we venture into the unknown! Don’t worry, we’ll still dropping new episodes each week + as s...
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