How 'Bout This?

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Three of Australia's favourite improvisors Rik Brown, Jason Geary and Karl McConnell get together once a week to chat through the events of the week and follow their noses through an hour of absurdity that will make you laugh. Come to experience their special brand of conversational comedy, stay for the laughs. Enjoy! Facebook: Twitter: @hbtpodcast

Ep 351 - Kirkjackulation

We rant about Karl's close Covid call, space and we share more facts than we can count. We also get an update on Jason FB situations and we figure out...
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Ep 350 - Eurfrica

In the landmark 350th episode we commit to continue the work of a long lost genius, we talk about Russian graffiti, and we welcome our dear friend Lli...
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Ep 349 - F-F-F-Follow-Up Question

The team sweep back to ask follow up questions from past episodes, and we expose a deep web of corruption ICAC would be proud of and we might have dis...
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Ep 348 - BAMbi.

This week we are all over popular culture, we have a visit from Gordon Ramsay, and the pod takes a turn with series of hardcore would you rather quest...
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Ep 347 - SPAM

We unexpectedly find out more about Spam than we thought we were going to. I really can't sizzle this episode any other way. Join the How 'Bout This D...
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Ep 346 - Fiddlestix

What a nice time. in this episode we have theme songs aplenty, we review YE's new album DONDA, wrestle with covidiots, race/religion, Libraries v McDo...
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Ep 345 - Flip The PB!

It's raining. So we stumble over shitty internet, to provide a whole bunch of laughs. A new lockdown anthem. We revolutionise your breakfast pantry, b...
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Ep 344 - The Answer Is 17

We update Jason's FB saga... oh the tension. David Beckham pops in with some branding advice, and we chew on some solid facts until they are nice and ...
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Ep 343 - The LaBeouf Parabola

Rik finds his pandemic passion and it opens up a world of chat. Look after yourselves, we hope we can bring a little relief to your lockdown confines....
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Ep 342 - Dishonorable Discharge

This week Jason is beset by misfortune but with conversation as buoyant as this, who can stay upset? We have random facts, movie talk and conspiracy t...
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