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Tom Brady? See Ya Later!

Take it away Gawd we are not worthy, but that don't mean the greatest small market football club in the world won't prevail against them sis...
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Christmas In October

Looking forward to the fantastic things that will happen here in late October and recapping the last seven days in SpreadQuarters. Hester for HC? Oh, ...
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Dead Loyalty

It ain't what happened or what should happen, it's how ya handle it. No kind hearted Louisiana man deserves the treatment that Coach O has r...
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Hop In The Motha F****** Car

No time for evaluation, The Winston Wagon is rolling and the New Orleans Football team now has more wins than losses through five games of the season....
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Losing To Losers

How we go and lose to some losers like that in New Orleans? Cox is still trying to hold a young man down with crooked business practices and we are ap...
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All Smiles In New Orleans

The common folks have something to be proud of after this last weekend and they will let ya know all about it. When the Saints win it's all smile...
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Oh Gawd No, Make It Stop

The greatest eyes in the world looked pretty bad on Sunday. NFL Week 2 rundown with HTM.I write blogs nobody reads on www.htmsports.comHold The Mayo o...
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Saints Charcuterie W's

The charismatic folks of New Orleans would like for ya to meet our new rockstar QB! His name is Jameis and his eyes are exceptional. Most certainly be...
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Brendan Fraser Night

Theme of the night is Brendan Fraser as we compare him to other somewhat equal actors. The local football team played their first preseason game and w...
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