Hugs and Misses

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Hugs and Misses is a podcast focused on building relationships through experience-based learning via humorous nightmare dating stories told in the first person.

Episode 48 - The End

Well, it's been a fantastic year and a helluva run for the Hugs and Misses Podcast. Thanks to everyone for listening, sharing, and being part of the a...
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Episode 45 - Alex Has the COVID

In this episode, Ian and his beautiful wife Cassidy ask each other dumb questions they found on the internet. Cassidy says she wants to be on the podc...
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Episode 44 - Wait. This is a date?

Many of us have experienced it. We have a "friend" who we have romantic feelings for or they have romantic feelings for us, but those feelings are not...
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Episode 43 - Im Gay, But Hey

In this episode, we hear from a gal whose gay friend (we all have one) takes her out on a date for pity's sake. Unfortunately what starts out as tende...
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Episode 40 - Halloween Special

Apart from the otherwise terrifying scenarios most of our contributors find themselves in, the stories today lean more into the spooky and macabre. We...
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