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A podcast about everything & nothing that includes the crazy humor of everyday life with tons of amazingly funny guests along the way.

Ep.114: Judging, Not Judging

Join Mel and Kim this week as they discuss how and why we as a society are so quick to judge for things that we may have done ourselves if things were...
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Ep.112: Boys Will Be Boys

Mel and The Real Mrs.Jones are back as promised to share some amazingly funny teenage boys stories for you! You won’t want to miss it! Shout-Out of th...
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Ep.108: It’s Because Of Susi

Decker and Sammy join Mel,Vin,and Toby this week to finally reveal the back story of Sammys line( It's because of Susi) that has become famous on our ...
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Ep.107: Partners In Crime

This week Mel brings both of her partners (Vin from HumorUs and Toby from the up and coming- The Mel and Tobias show)together for the first time to co...
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Ep.106: The Joneses Have A Party

We are Back with "The Arnie J0nes Show" Join Arnie, Mel and Vin when they are joined by "The King Of Krass" to talk about what happens at The Joneses ...
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