Hunt Different

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The Hunt Different Podcast with Jesse Coots is a hunting podcast by average guys with above average results. Each show will feature a special guest from the hunting world. We will share incredible hunting stories as well as tips and tactics on how to kill big animals. If you're looking for a politically correct podcast, this isn't it. Jesse isn't afraid to say it how he sees it.

Fall Food Plots and More

We are back In the saddle! Updates on where have been, where we are at, and where we are going. Big things happening at Hunt Different! 
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Cricket Coots' Ohio Buck

Jesse's oldest daughter Cricket is this episodes guest. Jesse and Cricket recount their Ohio trip last fall that resulted in Cricket killing her first...
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Whitetail Strategies with Andy May

Episode 3 features one of Jesse's great friends and Michigan Native, Andy May. Andy has had huge success chasing whitetails around the country. Jesse ...
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Hunting out of State

Episode two features one of Jesse's good friends- Kaleb Baird. Kaleb is a 100% DIY Bowhunter who has had success in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorad...
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Hunt Different: Episode One

Jesse Coots and Kevin Keenan introduce the new podcast. The Hunt Different Podcast will feature Jesse Coots and his incredible success stories, as wel...
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